Written and Directed by James Becket

Spent three months in Florida during the summer of 1996 (boy was it hot) shooting this film. Plato's Run tells the story of former Navy Seal Plato Smith (Gary Busey) who finds himself framed for the murder of an exiled Cuban politician living in Miami. Steven Bauer and Jeff Speakman are his trusted comrades who help him stop arms dealer Roy Scheider. Roy Scheider

The above photo shows actor Roy Scheider (who was really great to work with) and me as Scheider's character sets the timer to detonate his arms stockpile and I check that he's got enough light to do it..

Plato's Run - Filming Complete

Left is a photo of Gary Busey and me in the Florida everglades as we shoot part of a really fun airboat vs. helicopter chase sequence. This same photo showed up in an issue of the National Enquirer in August, marking the first time I've ever had my picture (well, my backside, at least) in a national tabloid. (I'm sure Mama was proud.)
A fun film, Plato's Run  became an HBO World Premiere movie in Nov. 1998 and is now available on video.

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