The Prophecy II

Actress Jennifer Beals (Flashdance) works with actor Steve Hytner who recreates his role as Joseph, the medical examiner from 1995's The Prophecy. Assistant Director Gerard DiNardi is visible in the background (he's the one standing).

Jennifer Beals and Steve Hytner

Gory Details for Greg Spence

Director Greg Spence (center) oversees all the gory details during the filming of the coroner sequence in The Prophecy II.
It takes a hell of a producer to stand behind a director when making a film of this type. Keith Border is the satanic looking soul standing behind director Greg Spence during the filming of a night sequence in downtown L.A.

Devilish Producer stands behind Director

Sunken Car

Parking downtown in the City of Angels can be something less than heavenly in this movie. (I have no intention of explaining this shot -- If you want to know, see the movie.)

Crane Shot - DP RC with camera crane

The Prophecy II opened direct to video to GREAT success! Over 14 weeks #1 direct-to-video rental, it lead to yet another sequel in The Prophecy III. (The photo to the left is of yours truly and was taken by director Greg Spence)

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