Under Pressure

I describe Under Pressure as Titanic meets Raiders of the Lost Ark by way of Speed 2. Rob Lowe is an Army Corp of Engineers dam expert whose wife is a history teacher with a passion for a mysterious old Greek artifact. She goes to Greece, he pursues her there, and they end up on a boat as terrorists seize the artifact and the ship starts to sink. Despite a tight schedule we got some good stuff, including some good underwater sequences. Extensive computer graphics enhance the action.

Here's some behind the scenes stills from the making of the film. I'm still getting my film processed so more pictures will be forthcoming. Clicking on any picture will bring up a larger version of it.


Director, Star and DP pose on top of the dam.

Director Jean Pellerin, actor Rob Lowe and myself pose atop the Morris Dam near Azusa (just east of Pasadena) California. Rob Lowe plays an Army Corp of Engineers hydro expert who's knowledge proves to be of great value when he and his wife find themselves trapped on a sinking ship.

Crew Shot on the Queen Mary

Shooting on the deck of the Queen Mary. Shown here from left to right are Dolly Grip Charles Simons, Barber-Boom Operator Mike Miller, Gaffer Walter Stewart, DP Richard Clabaugh (me, standing), Director Jean Pellerin in front being embraced by Key Grip Courtney Jones, and First Assistant Camera Mark Fragale. Arriflex Camera and equipment supplied on this show by Keslow Camera.

Kia Dawson Slates The Scene

Second Assistant Camera Kia Dawson, who has now mothered me through a number of films, slates a scene at the dam.

Photo by unit still photographer Peter "Hopper" Stone.

Out Dam Scout!

Scenes from the dam when we scouted it during preproduction.

More photos as they develop!
(I mean, as they are developed! :-)