Principal Photography Completed!

I'm out of the corn after filming on Children of the Corn 666, which Miramax/Dimension says will be the last of the series. Here's a few scenes from the corn.

Director at the Helm

Director Kari Skogland (at camera with first unit AC Mark Fragale) is a marvelous talent who I'm thrilled to be working with. Her previous credits include the Canadian made-for-TV film White Lies as well as a couple of stylish features - Men With Guns and The Weight of Watermelons, among many other credits.

The Return of Isaac

Actor John Franklin returns to the series for the first time since the original "Children of the Corn," recreating the role of Isaac, the boy preacher and giver of the word for "He Who Walks Behind The Rows."

As an actor John has also protrayed "Cousin It" in the two Addams Family movies and appears in film "Wag The Dog."

He is also one of the writers on this film.

The Doctor is SOOOOO In

Veteran actor Stacy Keach portrays Dr. Michaels, one of the few surviving adults of the original Gatlin massacre, who choose to remain in the town.


Daniel, a local resident of the Aqua Dulce area, is seen here with First Assistant Director Marybeth Hagner.

Daniel hung around set a lot while we were shooting near his home and ended up on screen in several places as he became one of the more prominent "nibblets" in Corn 6.

Road Crew

Patrick Rousseau, B-Camera operator and a talented DP in his own right, seen here with the Arri BL-IV mounted on the back of the Shotmaker Elite we used for driving sequences in rural Camarillo, about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

All camera equipment on the show has been provided by Otto Nemenz International.

Back In The Corn

The Man In The Red Shirt - Back behind the lens and in the corn again.

Photo by 1st AC Mark Fragale

Moving at the speed of Lighting

Me, second from right, as I blur my way through the barn in preparation for a shot. This stylish black & white photo was taken by production designer Stuart Blatt. (Thanks Stuart)

The film iis now complete.
Set for an October release direct to video.